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Prophet William S. Crowdy

While in Guthrie, Oklahoma, on Tuesday, September 13, 1892, the Lord GOD appeared unto William S. Crowdy in a vision, telling him that He wanted him to redeem Israel out of spiritual and mental bondage.

Chief Bishop Joseph W. Crowdy

Bishop Joseph W. Crowdy revealed many challenging and profound truths within the sacred text [of the book of Revelation]. It was this sense of peculiarity and profound uniqueness that enabled him to become known to many of the early Saints as the incarnate spirit of John, the Revelator.

Chief Bishop William H. Plummer, G.F.A.

During Bishop William H. Plummer’s leadership, the Church progressed, the original farm land was reclaimed and additional acreage purchased, and he established the Belleville Industrial School and Widows and Orphans Home, and incorporated it in the State of Virginia. Bishop Plummer’s accomplishments in Belleville reflected his love for people and his unyielding ambition to help people develop themselves spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially.

Elder Calvin S. Skinner, Counselor

The connective link between Prophet William S. Crowdy and Bishop H. Z. Plummer was completed through the actions of Elder Skinner. The Prophet appointed “These Three,” and the last of the three, Elder Calvin S. Skinner, anointed Bishop H. Z. Plummer, Grand Father Abraham.

Chief Rabbi Howard Z. Plummer, G.F.A.

During his Leadership, he made an immeasurable impact in education and masonry, and he brought to the Congregation a greater awareness and fulfillment of Biblical Judaism. He undergirded it with a prophetic consciousness, thus fulfilling the plan of Prophet William S. Crowdy, which stands above all else.

Chief Rabbi Levi S. Plummer, G.F.A.

Rabbi Levi, as he is affectionately known to the Congregation, was always progressive, innovative, and God-centered in his thinking. With a firm grasp on the essence of the vision of Prophet William S. Crowdy, he understood that if Belleville was to be a “home” for the Saints, Belleville had to be developed, there first had to be homes, and Belleville had to become self-sufficient.

Chief Rabbi Jehu A. Crowdy, Jr., G.F.A.

[Rabbi Crowdy] commenced his leadership of the Church of God and Saints of Christ by honoring the organization’s glorious history while blazing new trails.  He exemplified a dynamic God consciousness, a respect for all humankind, an affirmation to stay within the Framework of the Covenant, and a keen focus on his mission of “bringing back the glory of the Church, increasing the membership, and making Belleville a self-sufficient city.”

Chief Rabbi Phillip E. McNeil

Throughout his life, Chief Rabbi McNeil could always be found actively working on behalf of the Church of God and Saints of Christ.  Consequently, after the untimely passing of Rabbi Jehu August Crowdy, Jr., it was not surprising that the Organization’s Senior Rabbi was called upon to assume the mantle of leadership.